SPOTLIFE: Priscilla the Pre-Med

Interview With Jason Yamaoka
January 4, 2017


My Life story (so far)


Most parents learn to correlate their children’s intelligence with the amount of appraisal received on behave of their professors and teachers. In elementary school, awards of all types help validate and expose a child’s talents. Coming into high school, my parents had grown accustom to honor roll awards, perfect attendance, advanced state test scores, and even transferring me to a Jr. High outside of my home district, so that I could attend a school with a specialized math and science program called GEMS. So imagine my parents surprise when in High School an entire year went by without receiving any awards. At the parent teacher conference my parents rushed to interrogate teachers and see what had happened to their star student. It was only through their explanation that my parents understood that in high school awards aren’t given on the regular and that my performance as a student was as it always had been, excellent.

At the end of my Junior year I realized that with planning and a lot of effort I had the possibility of becoming a valedictorian and finally giving my parents the joy of walking me down the red carpet during the academic pep-rally. But to put it in simple terms, in order to reach a cumulative GPA high enough to be valedictorian I would have to reach a term GPA of no less than 4.8 each semester of senior year, take all AP classes and college credit courses, Achieve only A’s, and take any class I required (not offered with in AP) as either a pass or fail credit. Aside from worrying about maintaining high grades I would also be applying to universities, writing essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, participating in the calculus club, drama club, and as acting Varsity Cheer Captain. My Senior year went as follows; cheer practice ending at 5 and Fall/Spring Play rehearsals running from 6 to 8 and 6 to 9 when show dates were coming close. I would arrive at my house and do homework from 9:20 to about 12 and sleep for a couple of hours. If I had more homework to finish I would wake up at 5 to finish, and get ready because my day started again at 7:30. Friday nights were always either game night or show night, and cheering for my football team or getting to perform ridiculous characters in the school productions allowed me to relax and just enjoy being in high school. A portion of my weekend was used to advance any major upcoming project but the majority of my time was used to fulfill the requirements for applying to universities. TO BE CONTINUED – SDSU!!!