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November 13, 2016
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December 15, 2017

Interview with Jason Yamaoka

Volunteer Spotlight

As many of you know, nonprofits are always looking for ways to maximize service dollars and minimize operating costs.  That is why volunteers are so crucial, essential really, to our businesses.  We are very fortunate to have Jason Yamaoka as a volunteer for Wesley House Student Residence.  His generosity coupled with expertise in photography has allowed us to showcase our board and staff professionally.

I sat down with Jason the other night while we were waiting for a photo shoot of the Wesley House board members.  A nicer guy – you will never meet!  Jason is the Director of Modern Worship at First United Methodist Church in Chula Vista.  He was part of the inception of this very successful program.  As Jason explains it, services (mass) is offered with contemporary music.  He directs the band and is lead singer.  “This program has brought in a whole new generation of people to church”.  Approximately 80 people attend the service on average.

And that is not even his first passion!  Jason has always been interested in photography and video graphic design.  His niche is fine art – specifically ocean/beach lifestyle.  It’s a natural evolution of his love for the beach (he’s Hawaiian).  You can see some of his work on his web page  When he is not working to stir people up with his music or inspire people with his pictures, you can find Jason, his wife Korrie and even his cat Finn at Ocean Beach enjoying the outdoors.

I invite you to see the photos he took for us.  If you need photos taken or want some of his work, give him a call at 408-515-0029.  He’ll give you a 15% discount for being a friend of Wesley House!   If you are interested in volunteering, please give me a call at 619-582-0773.

Jesus Gonzalez
Executive Director