Amanda DePaolo
Board Member

Amanda DePaolo, LCSW is a graduate from SUNY Stonybrook University where she earned a masters in Social Work in 2016. Throughout her early career in New York, she was committed to challenging systemic policies that had direct adverse impacts on children and youth. Amanda continues to work with communities and systems to ensure restorative and equitable relationships. Amanda is a mental health therapist for Mending Matters in which she provides accessible school based mental health services. As a social worker, Amanda has been committed to supporting student’s reach their goals while taking care of their mental health and social-emotional well being. Affordable and accessible housing is an invaluable resource that provides a stable and supportive space as individuals work towards their goals.

Amanda believes in the power of connection and advocacy as a way to support individuals, groups and communities. Wesley House provides connection to communities and access to opportunities through their mission of providing affordable housing. Amanda is dedicated to providing support and knowledge to the mission at Wesley House from an empowerment perspective that supports the mental health needs of the students they serve.