Shawn is a returning citizen finishing his Associates Degree for Transfer in Sociology at Southwestern College with the goal of transferring into SDSU through Project Rebound. Shawn’s interest in Sociology came through years of volunteer work with incarcerated peers in the juvenile system where he served as peer mentor on one of the lower security housing units. Born in California and incarcerated at the age of 15 Shawn has dedicated his life to understanding the societal structures that contribute to the school to prison pipeline, while also finding areas to increase the use of Restorative Justice within our criminal justice system. Outside of school Shawn has written and published 10 books, written multiple plays, the most notable ‘BeeLeaf’ performed here by SDSU’s theater department, mentors kids in juvenile hall, and does volunteer public speaking. In his free time Shawn likes to enjoy nature, and long bike rides around the city of San Diego.